The Taskforce on Workers’ Rights in the Investment Chain was created in 2016 to elevate the profile of workers’ rights in the investment chain. It identified key gaps among entities in the investment chain with respect to the evaluation of workers rights in investment decisions. In June 2016, the Taskforce met with representatives of the world’s largest sustainability rating agencies. Following that meeting, it completed and published the CWC Guidelines for the Evaluation of Workers’ Human Rights. These guidelines were endorsed by the Council of Global Unions in February 2017.

The Taskforce is composed of trade union specialists on the topic of human rights indicators from countries including the USA, Australia, Spain, Canada and the UK.

The Taskforce on Workers’ Rights in the Investment Chain has the following objectives:

  1. Building the capacity of pension fund trustee around the incorporation of decent work issues into investments
  2. Elevating the profile of decent work practices within ESG analysis frameworks of key investment chain actors
  3. Engaging in financial market consultations around the incorporation of labour-related KPIs
  4. Encouraging greater measurement and disclosure of labour-related KPIs among corporations

Photo: Pixabay | Skeeze