What is workers’ capital?

Workers’ capital is the deferred retirement savings of workers. It is accumulated in collectively funded schemes in order to provide workers with financial security in their retirement.

As beneficial owners of these deferred wages, workers are the indirect owners of a substantial portion of the world’s equities. In 2016, private pension assets in OECD countries reached $38 trillion. This represents an average asset-to-GDP ratio of 49.6 percent in OECD countries. As a result, workers’ capital is invested in financial markets across the globe and across asset classes such as public equities, fixed income and alternative investments.

What is capital stewardship?

The investment of worker retirement savings is meant to provide long-term financial returns to pension beneficiaries. A proactive approach to managing workers’ capital - sometimes called capital stewardship - can help companies build long-term value and drive the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in decision making.

By enacting investment policies that encourage long-term investment and performance on ESG issues, the representatives of workers on pension fund boards have a critical role to play in ensuring companies respect human and labour rights, remain financially sustainable, and minimize environmental impacts.

What is the CWC?

Understanding the power of workers’ capital, the CWC (Global Unions Committee on Workers’ Capital) was established in 1999 to promote information sharing and joint action. Our work is led by a Leadership Team composed of a Chair and co-chairs. It is supported by our Networked Secretariat, which includes unions around the world and meets on a monthly basis. The CWC Secretariat is based out of SHARE in Canada. The CWC’s work is led by the Chair and Co-Chairs, and supported by the CWC Secretariat. Our team currently consists of:

CWC Leadership Team

CWC Secretariat

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Last Review: 24/05/2018